Eimeo SLSC a few seasons ago took the initiative to expand its existing nipper program to be inclusive of kids with special needs by launching the Albatross Nipper program.  Albatross Nippers was started five years ago at Nobbys Beach SLSC at the Gold Coast and is now operational at three other clubs in South East Queensland.  The Albatross Nipper program at Eimeo is the only one outside the South East corner and the only one currently on offer in our region.  We hope by implementing this program the benefits will be seen far and wide and inspire other clubs in central and northern Queensland to take up the initiative.

Albatross Nippers runs alongside our regular nippers every second Sunday and is designed to be an inclusive program.  It is flexible and fun and adapted to suit individual needs and abilities.  It is run by a dedicated coach and water safety team who engage the Albatross nippers in basic but essential beach and surf safety lessons as well as shallow water activities.

Albatross Nippers are required to pass an Under 6 pool proficiency, but for those with more advanced competencies, higher proficiencies can be introduced.  Pool proficiency capability will be determined by the Albatross Coach.  The program is structured to transition those with advanced skill levels to into the regular nipper program.

For those Albatross nippers demonstrating higher levels of ability and competency, the program aims to move them up to intermediate and advanced Albatross levels and for some kids a transition into our regular nippers program which runs alongside Albatross on Sunday mornings.

Albatross nippers will be held every fortnight throughout the nipper season (except school holidays). Our Albatross Program is only possible through support of our generous sponsors.

If you would like to join the Albatross Nippers email us -

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