26 June 2023 - Club Update

Eimeo SLSC

We urgently need more volunteers for the motor show BBQ this weekend. Volunteers get free entry! 

We need help with the following shifts:  

Sunday 6 to 10am / 10am to 1pm / 1pm to cleanup

Email administrator@eimeoslsc.com.au 


Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM yesterday.  

A special thank-you to our outgoing President Damo Watts for his dedication to our club and guidance last season. Damo has not gone far and will take on the role of our Chief Training Officer this coming season.

We urgently need volunteers to man the BBQ at this weekends motorshow. We know its school holidays and a lot of people are away, so if you are around and can spare a few hours please let us know.  Volunteers get free entry!  We need help with the following shifts:   Sunday 6 to 10am / 10am to 1pm / 1pm to cleanup. Email: administrator@eimeoslsc.com.au with what slot you can help with!

I would like to thank Tenealle for her dedication to the role of club administrator over the last year. 


With the new season quickly approaching it is time to commence planning for the season and working out the Club priorities. This season we will be running the Club planning day slightly differently with dedicated sessions on the 3 main areas impacting the Club. By running the planning workshops separately, we are hoping that we can focus on key areas and people who are interested in specific topics will be able to attend those sessions. This is your chance to have input in how an area of the club works. The sessions will be scheduled based on peoples preference and availability - as much as we can accommodate. 

  • Junior Activities - nippers, albatross, surf sports:  structure of nippers days and season dates, special activities for the season, Camp Alva, nippers and albatross nippers calendars, grants and funding requirements, target carnivals for the club and types of events
    This session will be chaired by: Alecia Malouf and Ross Armstrong
    Who should attend: age managers, coaches, parents of nippers who want to be more involved, water safety

  • Lifesaving and Education:  competencies, requirements, gear review, patrol groups - grant and funding requirements 
    This session will be chaired by: Andrew Malouf and Damo
    Who should attend: patrol captains, patrollers, 

  • Financial & Strategic Planning: planning for next 12 months, then medium and long term, club priorities for grants and capital expenditure 
    This session will be chaired by: Cynthia
    Who should attend: management committee, anyone who would like to know more and be involved with planning 

Please respond at:  https://www.surveyhero.com/c/x3yzxevc

We will send out a meeting invite when we get responses back from members.

It was a great privilege to be elected the Club's New President on Sunday.  Please feel free to contact me or the relevant Director if you have questions or enquiries. Enjoy a great season, see you on the beach.


The Club runs the Meat Tray Raffle every second Friday night and the Goose at the Northern Beaches Bowls Club. These raffles are perfect for the kids to be involved with - practical maths and communication skills!

If every family takes one slot it makes for an easy and quick fundraiser for the Club. We make on average $200 each time we run a meat tray at the Club and the Goose at Northern Beaches Bowls Club can be more lucrative! 

Register your slot here 

Patrollers Shirts Are Here!

They can be collected Friday evening at Pub Night - your name will be written on the tag based on ordered size.

Thank-you to John and Gaye Galea from the Johnny Farming Company for Sponsoring these shirts


Sing 2

What a night! It was great to see so many families come out and celebrate this fabulous family night with us. We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening!

Thank you to our candy bar ladies and our BBQ boys along with the muscle!

Thank you to Forty Winks / JM Interiors and Miki Ponting-Boyd - Focus on Mackay for the sponsorship of this event.

The Club raised $2,145!  

20th Dinner - Volunteers for photographer / Setup / Bar / Bump Out

If you are not coming to the dinner but are interested in hearing Bonnie Hancock talk and enjoying a staff meal - we are seeking volunteers to help on the night. 

Register Interest!

2023-24 Committee

President: Cynthia Hegerty

Vice President: Bill Lansbury

Club Captain: Andrew Malouf

Vice Club Captain: Marti Harris

Secretary: Colleen Harris

Treasurer: Harriet McLennan / Sarah Dowden

Junior Activities Chairperson: Alecia Malouf

Assistant JAC: Kerrie Barden

Chief Training Officer: Damo Watts

Youth Development Officer: Katie Gray / Alecia Malouf

Albatross Nippers: Alison Reif and Heath Cruckshank

Registrar: Colleen Harris

Surf Sports Director: Ross Armstrong

Carnival Nominations: Lauren Armstrong

Clubhouse Director: Andrew Hegerty

First Aid Officer: Kim Baker | Brianna Baker

Surf Boat Captain: Damien Watts

IRB Captain: Bill Lansbury

Water Safety Supervisor: Kylie Keioskie

Board & Ski Captain: Ross Armstrong

Gear Steward: Ross Armstrong

Senior Team Manager: Ross Armstrong

Junior Team Manager: David Dowden

Safety Officer (WHS): Bill Lansbury

Radio/Communications Officer: Andrew Malouf

Publicity/Media Officer: Cynthia Hegerty / Damo Watts / Alecia Malouf

BBQ Coordinator: Paul Phegan

Uniform Officer: Eve Phegan

Assistant Uniform Officer: Colleen Harris

Club Doctor: Dr David Dowden

Disciplinary/Grievance Officer: Dr David Dowden

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