27 November 2023


This weeks update is packed - covering: 

  • General Meeting on Wednesday night
  • No nippers this weekend as we have Branch Champs at Sarina
  •  Nippers Christmas part is the 10th December
  • Awesome photos from Club Points Day & Youth Patrols
  • Meet Greta - our newest coach :) 
  • Introducing the new tradition of Cutting of the Ham on the 22 December
  • Bronze and SRC Course running a holiday program in January - including dates for First Aid and Advance Resus
  • Patrol news - proficiency dates
  • Get your own Eimeo Wine Cooler


  • Wednesday - Surf Sports Training 4.30pm at Eimeo & packing of the trailer
  • Wednesday - General Meeting 6pm upstairs - pizza for dinner - rsvp administrator@eimeoslsc.com.au
  • Branch Champs at Sarina
  • Pilates - Tuesday night - last class before Christmas breakup
  • Yoga - Simply be you - Wednesday
  • Outriggers are selling burgers this week on Friday night
  • Saturday - Bubbles Coffee van will be open


Not long until Nippers Santa arrives at our beach! 

In preparation for his visit on the 10th of December:

  • Please purchase a gift (should you wish to participate) up to $20 each for your Nipper/s and any siblings wishing to receive a present from Santa.
  • We ask that everyone stays within the budget so Nippers Santa is gifting everyone similar priced items. 
  • Once wrapped, please ensure the child’s first and last name is clearly seen for Santa to read out. 
  • Presents can be given to any of our AM’s, Water Safety and myself on Sundays, dropped off on a Friday Pub Night or left with our Administrator during her business hours (Monday and Friday 9:30am - 12:00pm) 
  • Instead of our usual BBQ, we would love everyone to bring a plate to share. The Nippers love indulging in all the yummy food everyone brings. We look forward to celebrating Christmas and a great season with everyone!


We are starting a new tradition at Eimeo this Christmas. 

Mick one of our patrolling members who is from Mollymook SLSC has suggested we have a "Cutting of the ham" - you ask what is this?

Well it is a small thank you to everyone for the hours they give our Club where we will have a delicious baked ham with breads and salads.

All members are invited to come for dinner on the 22 December at 5pm - upstairs - bar will be open downstairs. 

Please bring dessert to share. rsvp administrator@eimeoslsc.com.au

Cutting of the Ham 22 December @5pm

Meet Greta!

Zara one of our Nippers Captains sat down with Greta for a quick Q & A session. Many of you may have seen Greta around the Club over the past few months coaching our juniors.

Greta has moved from the Gold Coast with her family to Mackay. The kids are loving the training sessions with Greta. Greta has a wealth of experience!

What is your favourite event to compete in Surf Life Saving?

 Ironwoman and surf race

From What age did you start surf lifesaving?

5 years old (green caps)

What did you eat when you were training for competitions?

I made sure I had enough food and hydration for each session. Lots of lean meats proteins, good fats and carbs such as salmon, eggs, steak and chicken and fresh salads, vegetables and brown rice. Every now and then I loved to treat myself with maybe a bit of dark chocolate or the odd dessert. But overall there were foods I tried to avoid such as sugars (lollies and soft drinks), processed food and baked goods (muffins, cake or banana bread).

What do you think the most physically asking event is in surf?

 The iron person and 2km beach run 

What were your favourite competitions to look forward to?

There were a lot of surf competitions that I enjoyed such as Ocean 6 series, Summer of Surf series, Coolangatta Gold, State and Aussies. It's hard to choose just one because I had a lot of positive personal and team achievements in each one of those events.

What Club did you come from?

I had 3 clubs on the Gold Coast over 19 years. Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park, Northcliffe and Tallebudgera.

How did you find out about surf lifesaving?

My parents introduced both myself and my brother when we moved to the Gold Coast in 2001.

How did you balance your schoolwork and training?

I was lucky enough to had help from my family especially my older brother, Ryan, getting homework and assignments done on time but I'm a punctual person that was always determined and to be ahead of the game. Majority of my time at school I had periods where I could do my assignments and had extra help from teachers, from memory they were amazing. So when I got to training I could focus on my sessions and didn't stress about school, so I was very lucky to have those people around me. 

How many training sessions did you do a week when you were competing?

Between 12-14 sessions included swimming, running, Pilates/gym, board, ski and irons.

What animal did you own as a child and what animals do you own now?

We had Sylvester our black and white cat. He passed away 2 years ago but he will always be in or hearts, I really miss him. I don't have a pet now, maybe down the track we'll see.


We have a number of courses scheduled for January. These courses are run on a compressed timeframe to allow for more efficient time management. We would strongly encourage our members to take part in this training. Patrolling members are the backbone of our Club - without the red and yellow on the beach we do not have a Club. Any questions, please email training@eimeoslsc.com.au or contact Cynthia.

HOW TO ENROL:  To enrol in a course - go to Members Portal, then elearning - when you are in the SLSQ Hub select the Course List.

Surf Rescue Certificate:  12 January to 14 January - this is a fulltime course i.e. we will run it all day

Bronze Medallion: 12 January to 16 January - this is a fulltime course i.e. we will run it all day

First Aid: 14 January 8.30 @ Eimeo - this will be part of the Bronze Course - you need to enrol in this separately.

Advance Resus: 24 January 5 to 9pm - this course requires First Aid to be complete. This course is elearning before you come to the Club for a review and practical session. 

Marine Stinger:  This course you need to complete the elearning or knowledge component and then attend the beach for a practical assessment. The dates for this are:

9 December @ 9am

31 December @ 9am

21 January @ 9am


We need to get everyone through their proficiencies asap. Thank you to those who have done their proficiencies. We need to get the rest completed.

  • Wednesday afternoon from 3pm (until 5)
  • Sunday afternoon at 4pm 3 December
  • Saturday 7am 9th December
  • Sunday 7am 10th December

If you cannot fit this time you will need to meet me over the Christmas break time.

There is a Marine Stinger Course on elearning - please enroll in this if you have not already completed this requirement. You can just sit the knowledge without having to go through the entire course.


Training on Wednesday afternoon including packing the gear trailer for the weekend

BRANCH Championships at Sarina U8 and up

We wish all of our competitors the best of luck at this weeks Branch Championships.  

This is the final selection carnival for the Branch team for the State Youth Titles next year. 


Congratulations to all of our nippers who participated in our points day! It was great to see so many smiling faces. 

Youth @ Eimeo

The two youth patrol have been a massive success with youth members and other patrolling members helping out. 

During the Christmas  youth patrol, our youth worked on their first aid skills with simulation of  arterial bleeding and packing a wound. We welcome any members to join us and the youth on these patrols and thank you for those who have committed to the time to help teach our youth valuable skills.

The Eimeo Stuffing Filler for the ladies

Order now: https://eimeo-surf-lifesaving-supporters-club-inc.square.site/product/eime-wine/161

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Let us know about your kids successes so that we can help celebrate their success - send a photo and a brief summary to administrator@eimeoslsc.com.au

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14 November 2023