Nippers BBQ Process

The BBQ Coordinator for Nippers 2023-24 is Paul Phegan.

What happens before a Nippers Day?

  1. If sausages need to be defrosted they need to be removed from the freezer 2 days prior to the scheduled nippers day by the BBQ Coordinator. The Club usually has a supply of sausages in the freezer. 
  2. The bread and rolls order is placed by the BBQ Coordinator 2 days before the scheduled event with the Northern Beaches Bakehouse.
  3. BBQ Coordinator orders the items required for BBQ day - i.e bacon, eggs, sausages, onions, sauces.
  4. BBQ Coordinator collects items required for the nippers day and emails a copy of receipts to the Club Administrator for reimbursement 

What happens on a Nippers Day?

Each Age Group is allocated BBQ duties throughout the Nippers Season to assist the BBQ Coordinator with setting up on a Sunday, cooking the BBQ and cleaning up afterwards

The Age Group on for the day will be announced that morning at Nippers. It is essential that all parents in the Age Group help out as without assistance we are unable to provide the services of a Sunday BBQ.

The money raised from the Sunday nippers BBQ goes back into running the nippers program.

What happens after a Nippers BBQ?

The BBQ Coordinator will work with families to clean up and put away all gear. The kitchen must be spotless when it is left after a nippers bbq. We cannot leave any dirty dishes or containers out.