Nippers FAQ's 

1. What is Nippers?

Nippers are  usually aged between 5 and 14 years old. Nippers  participate in a variety of activities each week including beach sprints, flags, swimming/wade (age dependant), boards and  relays. They also complete an award lesson each week where they learn the non physical aspects of life saving.

They learn about dangers such as rocks, animals (e.g. jelly fish) and surf conditions, such as rip currents, sand bars and waves. Older Nippers also learn some basic first aid and CPR.

All of the activities are presented in a fun, friendly, engaging and age appropriate manner.

2. Is my child old enough to join Nippers ? What age group will my child be in?

You can find a table HERE  to check your child's date of birth ​​and age group.

3. What day and time is Nippers? Is it on all year?

Nippers runs for a season like a lot of other sports. This season we will begin on the 26th and 27th of August with 2 pool sessions and finish on the 17th of December. 

A full calendar identifies all nippers sessions with a dolphin.

Nippers mornings are Sunday  8:30am  - 11:00am 

4. Proficiencies, what are they and who needs to complete them?

Each of our nippers will complete a pool proficiency before they begin our Nippers Program. These skills allow us to gauge their ability in the water environment. The requirements are different for each age group, you can find the table listing the specifics.

5. Do you teach my child to swim?

The direct answer to this is no, if your child can't swim then we recommend they off set Nippers with swimming lessons. Under 8's and below are only allowed to enter the water to a wade depth, they won't be swimming. What we do teach your child is how to swim effectively in the ocean eg how to read waves, breathing with waves, sighting the beach or direction travelled etc. 

6. How much does Nippers Cost this season?

To begin this answer it is important to note that a parent/care giver needs to join our club with their nipper/s.

First Parent/care giver - ​$110 

Additional parents/care givers - $50 ​​It is not mandatory for an additional person to join

Nipper 1 - ​$80

Nipper 2 - ​$80

Nipper 3 -  ​$30

Join at

If you are an existing member, log into your account and you can renew your members. 

7. Child Safety 

This one is not so much of a question as it is general information and requirements. It is a requirement that each parent/caregiver hold a Blue Card and also complete the SLSA Child Safety and CYRMS online modules as part of your membership process. These 2 modules will be available in your members portal. More information on this process will be given during membership. 

We take our nippers safety seriously and the above mentioned are an important part of this.  We cannot accept any children where a parent or care giver cannot obtain a Blue Card or Blue Card Exempt (due to their profession).

For information about Member Protection Strategy, Policies and Procedures, including where to find documents please see one of our friendly volunteers. 

8. What do we need to bring on a Sunday morning?

  • a positive, friendly,  give it a go attitude
  • Sunscreen - Sun safety is important to our club 
  • Water bottle - these are carried around in caddies during the morning. 
  • Towel
  • Goggles - not required but recommended
  • Nippers are required to wear:
    • A full stinger suit
    • A pink high vis vest
    • A dolphin club cap or red/green cap
  • No stinger suit means no water events - this is not negotiable.

9. Where can I purchase the required items?

Our Uniform shop will be open each week for purchases. A full list of items in our shop and pricing can be found HERE

10. My question isn't here or I still don't quite understand

No worries, send any additional questions to Alecia our Junior Activities Chairperson, she is more than happy to answer additional questions or explain the above further.

  • Club House +61 4969 6680

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